Albert Pearson

Victorian Name & Description

Albert Pearson has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is 37 years old.

Known Abilities

He has a woad tattoo in the shape of an eye. He can influence and go into peoples dreams.

Dark Age Background

Anierin ap Dwyth was a follower of Angus (God of Dreams) and was primarily concerned with the dreams of men. He was a bard at the court in Gododdin in the late 6th Centuary. He was present at the Battle of Catraeth where the combined tribes of the Celts were beaten by the Angles.

Middle Ages Background

In the 17th Centuary he was the astrologer to Cromwell and Charles I called William Lilley.

Victorian Background

Albert works in the docks but was in the army in the past. He has strange dreams and consequently seems a bit strange at times. He drinks and goes to an Opium Den called the Golden Lotus.

He was kiddnapped by persons unknown and strapped into a strange machine that caused him to dream monsters. He is currently drying out in Archdeacon Abbott's lower accomodations - complete with free manacles.

When the Nightmare horse Sephira attempted to rule the dreams of men Albert was offered the choice of being awoken and having done so assisted the heroes in bringing Sephira back to the real world where she was killed. His whereabouts now are currently unknown.

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