Land of the Faerie

Avalon is the land of the Fairie that overlaps our world where parts are an idealised reflection in another dimension. In the very distant past travel between the faerie realm and our own was much easier. This ceased to be the case about 1200 years ago when the gates became much harder to pass through and the faerie passed into legend. It is unclear at the present why the gates to the land of the Faerie were closed though the sites of the gates can often still be seen on the landscape.

Travel Between Worlds

Passage to and from the lands of Avalon was possible through places of convergence in the ancient times. These places were marked by the ancient druids who could detect the power leaching from the Faerie world. As a result standing stones, mounds and sometimes even ancient temples were built on instructions from the druids to indicate such places of crossing. Extremely powerful druids back in the Dark Ages could open their own gates to the lands of Avaolon.

Travel to the lands of Avalon became increasingly difficult and by end of the 6th Centuary A.D. it was no longer possible to pass between the gates. Knowledge of the Fae passed into legends and Christian theologians increasingly dismissed such tales as the fallacies of the uneducated pagans.

The Seelie and the Unseelie

There are two Faerie courts in the lands of Avalon that were ruled over by Kings and Queens when travel there was still possible. The Seelie Court was ruled over by King Oberon and Queen Titania and generally the court holds a generally neutral to disapproving stance to mortals. The Unseelie court are another matter entirely. They are wild, malicious and spiteful and will do all they can to see humanity taken down by several pegs. The Seelie and the Unseelie court do not get on and do their best to keep themselves separate in Avalon, though there are always clashes between the two types of faerie kind.

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