Bedwyr Bedrydant Bedivere

Victorian Name & Description

Robin Hales is a squat sandy haired hunched figure as he has spina bifida.

Known Abilities

Not known at this time.

Dark Age Background

Bedwyr was originally a hero of Lugh who had a falling out with Cilia nap Gwytawe and he had that tattoo forcibly removed. During his travels he met monks of God and he converted to Christianity. He travelled to Camelot where he was knighted by Artorious and tattooed by Myrddin. .

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Robin Hales was a poor clerk for a company that ran a mining operation in South Africa. He was kidnapped by Christian Cooper and held in the Hall of the Overking in chains for many years as Christian saw him as one of the three Great Betrayers of the Celtic Gods.

Recently a man assisted him in his escape from the Hall of the Overking and lead him back to the forces of Arthur who had returned.

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