Cilian Ap Gwytawe

Victorian Name & Description

Christian Cooper is a flamboyant figure dressing in coloured suits and waistcoats. He has strong dark hair and thinckish eyebrows.

Known Abilities

He is awakened but his abilities are currently unknown.

Dark Age Background

Cilian Ap Gwytawe was a Druid of Lugh in the Dark Ages. He teamed up with Rhi'ana to kill Gwenyfahr some ten years after the Battle of Camlann.

Middle Ages Background

Not Known at this time.

Victorian Background

Christian Cooper is the manager of the Theatre Royal in London. He is also currently the guardian of the Temple of the Overking and is keeping Bedwyr the traitor prisoner beneath the catacombs under the Theatre.

Recently Christian has been behaving strangely and have seemingly having to find his own knowledge before replying. It is suspected that he has somehow been possessed. He arranged a trap with Helen Barry as bait to try and capture Sir Gawain and the heroes recently.

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