Episode 5

Supermassive Aetheric Hole

Archdeacon Abbott on heading back to Lambeth Palace informed George that he had to go to Canterbury for the next few days and that George was not to make a mess of anything in his rooms.

March 5th

That night each of the group has a nightmare and wakes up screaming and in a sweat.

The next day Captain Edington received a note from Rossalyn Rathe telling him that she was going to be away for a few days with husband husband “Rathee” in Dorset but that she would come and see him when she got back. As he was reading the letter Captain Edington’s butler informed him that Inspector Kenway had arrived to see him. Inspector Kenway told him that the man they had caught at the funeral had been murdered in his cell. The man who had done it had left a small token. Captain Edington looked at it and identified it as the notorious crime lord the Brigante’s symbol.
The group met up at Annie’s workshop where they discussed sneaking her out to get her Awakened. Eventually they decided they just wouldn’t tell Annie’s guardian and sneak her away in a Hanson carriage.

After gaining entrance to the Theatre, Christian Cooper took them down to the Hall of the Overking where they blooded the stones and Awakened Annie. Once awakened she seemed quite different and began to sort through Annie’s memories.
Christian asked them what they would do now, whether they would help him find out who was trying to destroy the Third Great Enchantment. The group seemed undecided on what to do next and made a decision to go and have lunch. George stated that he needed a sword to protect himself from assassins, and Lieutenant Day offered to get him one .

After lunch Captain Edington headed off to the library to try and do some research (but failed to find anything useful). Mr Smythington went to Crawley on the train to see Lady Anne Blunt. He asked her how she coped being the other sex and she told him that it had happened to her before so she was more used to it than he was. He then asked about her husband and she told him that she had married before she had Awakened. Finally he asked her if he can take his horse with him, to which she agreed and asked if he needed a saddle. George said that normally he didn’t, but he’d take one on this occasion.

On his way back to London George stopped off at an Inn for the night. In the Inn he spotted Harvey Morris sitting in the corner drinking a beer. George accosted him and asked where he’d been. Harvey said that he’d found the man who’d beat him up down in Dorset. The Tall man who’d attacked him was with about half a dozen men as well as an old man on Badbury Rings. He’d decided not to confront them but instead head back to London.

March 6th

Annie awakened having invented a large Aether broach that she had made and was now wearing. This broach prevented her Awakened self (Deirdre) from being in control and Annie was once again the master of her own body.

About 11am Captain Edington had a visit from a rather flustered Rossalyn Rathe. She was in a panic and was almost crying. She told Captain Edington that they had gone to Dorset to visit friends and had decided to visit Badbury Rings. There were loads of barrels on the hill and a bunch of people there who told them that they had to leave. Colonel Rathe had confronted the men and one particular Tall man had fought with Colonel Rathe. It seemed that the Colonel had started it, by being insulting to the man and eventually drew his sword on him. The man had easily bettered Colonel Rathe and badly wounded him. Rossalyn had pulled her husband to safety and they had gone to complain to the Bankes estate who owned the land. The groundskeeper had told them that the men were there legally and it was they who had been trespassing. Rossalyn had taken the Colonel to hospital in Bournemouth and had quickly brought the children back to London. She asked Captain Edington if he would go to Dorset and get revenge on these men.

Captain Edington went to get Annie and as he was relating the story to her George Smythington showed up and told a similar tale. They decided that they needed Annie to help them with the piles of Aether and Captain Edington suggested they could forge a note from Archdeacon Abbott to her Guardian. George and Captain Edington went off to get the others and to forge a note on Lambeth Palace paper.

Meanwhile Annie told Sir Reginald Havelock the truth and whilst he did not completely believe her he had seen enough in the past weeks to know that something was going on. He also trusted her and said that he would accompany her.

The six of them travelled to Bournemouth by train that afternoon and Captain Edington suggested they get a hotel that they could meet up at if they got separated or had to flee. They took a Hansen carriage to the Badbury Rings and got out just as the sun was setting. The rings were staggered layers and they could not see everything as they climbed the hill, but they could hear two groups on the other side of the hill – one with the Count of St Germain and the other speaking German. As they got further up the hill they could see a fortified area with a stockpile of Aether drums with a half dozen men with rifles guarding it. Above the central pile was an insubstantial gateway.

Samheim said some words and a glowing sword appeared in his hand. He said some more words and he was suddenly encased in glowing armour.
The Tall man at the top warned the Count to stay away as he was sworn to protect the gateway and had given his word. The Count told him that he was here to close the Gateway. The Tall man atop the rings told the Count he was too late and that Merrdyn had already passed through into Avalon.

A woman started to speak English in a strange accent to the Count telling him that he was to be taken back to Prussia to pay for his crimes. Fighting broke out then on the other side of the hill.

Meanwhile George, Captain Edington and Samheim Shelley crept up the hill and attacked. George and Captain Edington were shot but overcame most of the opposition, who in turn were being possessed by entities coming out of the gate. The Aether gun on the far side was being used to fire at and miss the Count making a terrific noise as it did so.

On the far side of the hill the woman in black got close enough to the Count to cast a black shadow on the ground. The Count was facing the Tall man in battle and they were evenly matched with each taking a wound. The Woman in Black told the Tall Man that they would deal with the Count as they would take him back to Prussia. The Tall Man backed off and went to meet Captain Edington in battle.

The Germans gradually defeated the men that the Count had brought with him, and surrounded him as the Woman in Black cast a spell that bound the Count with a rope.

Captain Edington fought and gained the upper hand in a bloody battle with the Tall Man. Lieutenant Day caught up and joined in as George got to one of the two Aether guns. Captain Edington offered the Tall Man a chance to surrender as the heard the loud sound of hounds baying. The Tall Man refused stating that he had given his word to his boss that he would guard the gate for her and he could not break his word. With that Captain Edington performed a masterful attack and beheaded the Tall Man.

Meanwhile George fired the Aether gun into the Gateway which only succeeded in enlarging it. Annie and Sir Reginald started making their way up the hill to the gate and Samheim chased after the Germans who were dragging the Count off. One of the Germans, an Old man in his sixties got in his way and waved a stick at him. Samheim cut him down and continued on towards the remaining Germans. As he approached the group his weapon and armour suddenly stopped glowing so he backed off.

The hounds baying became quieter as they could be seen at the bottom of the hill. Lieutenant Day and Captain Edington watched them cautiously as they climbed the hill. When they reached the top the hounds paused where Captain Edginton had been fighting and began snapping at the air. Annie reached the top of the mound and told Sir Reginald that when she took her necklace off she would pass it to him and he was to run back down the hill. The hounds finished snapping at the air and headed into the portal. Annie took off her necklace and flung it at Sir Reginald who caught it and fled back down the hill. Annie began casting a spell to close the gateway.
Samheim Shelley asked the Woman in Black to release the Count but she refused saying he had to go back to pay for his crimes. Samheim asked what those crimes were and she said that he had been sabotaging the Aetheric plants in Prussia and that Bismarck wanted to disabled. She asked Samheim how Mordred was to which he did not reply.

With the Gateway closed Annie realised that the Aether below it would just cause it to open again. Lieutenant Day and George helped her by moving the barrels away from the gateway.

Samheim said that he could not let her take the Count with her and she began to form a yellow glowing ball in her hands to keep him away. She said that Hengist/Bismarck wanted him back under control so that he could not do any more damage. The Count said that he was only trying to prevent a major catastrophe. The Woman in Black said that he had killed many people in his sabotage and that he must pay for his crimes. The Count said that countless more would die if they continued to use Aether to disrupt the Third Enchantment. When Samheim questioned the Woman in Black she said that this was not certain and that they could control it. Samheim informed them that neither wanted the Third Great Enchantment to go down and that they had common ground. If the Count would swear that he would not sabotage Aetheric installations then perhaps the Woman in Black would let him go. The Count suggested a Blood Oath that he would make with the Woman in Black. He would not enter Prussia and interfere there if the Woman did not interfere in Albion. The Gypsy woman drew a dagger and cut their wrists to make the Blood Pact.

Lieutenant Day asked her who she was and she replied that she had been Morgan Le Fey in the past. She said that she would now go back to Hengist and tell him what she had agreed here, but she said that she might return in the future.

As the Germans departed the group debated what they would do next.

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