Gwalchmei Sir Gawain

Victorian Name & Description

Henry Lodgefield is a tall man with longish dark hair in a dark coat and waistecoat with twin axes.

Known Abilities

Sir Gawain seems to be able to detect faeries and can levitate.

Dark Age Background

Sir Gawain was the brother to Mordred and son of King Lot. At some point he seems to have found that his elder brother had faerie blood and was thus not a true brother to him. He tried to kill Mordred but was unsuccessful and fled to Arthur's court. Arthur knighted Gawain and he continued to hunt and kill any faeries he could find.

He was a friend to young knights, a defender of the poor, and as "the Maidens' Knight", a defender of women as well.

Middle Ages Background

Sir Gawain was Richard III who killed the Princes in the tower - presumably as they had faerie blood in them.

Victorian Background

Sir Gawain was lured to the Royal Horticultural hall by Christian Cooper (for reasons unknown) with the faerie Helen Barry as bait. He was obsessed with killing the faeries almost beyond reason. He was very wounded when he levitated and fought Christian. The heroes heard him fall but do not know his final fate.

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