Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere)

Modern Day Name & Description

Meghan / Gwenyfahr has recently been revealed to be Lady Temperance Patience who faked her own death in an apparent assasination attempt using a bomb. See Lady Temperance Patience

Known Abilities

She is known to be a powerful mage, though her magics now come largely from the Jealous God as her Epona related magic was forcibly taken from her by Epona after she betrayed the Druids.

Dark Age Background

Guinevere was originally a Druid of Epona by the name of Meghan. On seeing the slaughter of people by the invading Roman army she decided that instead of fighting them, she would make a deal with them. The deal was that if she could lure the Druids into one place for the Romans to take by suprise, then the Romans would spare her people and give the tribe a favourable status. This she did, betraying her own kind including the heroes she had made including Rhi'ana and her lover. In anger at her betrayal, the Goddess Epona seared the tattoo from Meghan's body removing her power from her.

Meghan, desperate to retain her powers even after the Romans had come sought out any other of the Mighty Ones who would have her. Many of their Druids had been slain in her actions and only one would take her. He was known as the Jealous God and he made it a condition that she abandon all the other Mighty Ones and worship only him.

Later Meghan re-incarnated as Guinevere who was the ward of the Cador, King of Cornwall. She married Arthur and helped give him the respectability that allowed him to be declared Overking to fight the Saxons once Ambrosius Aurelious was killed. In a cruel twist of fate her sister Gwenhyfach was Rhi'ana reincarnated. It was only after the pair were Awakened that they sisters began to fight and Gwenhyfach took the young Mordred under her wing. Mordred was infatuated with Gwenhyfach and would do anything for her. In defending her honour Mordred caused the battle of Camlan where he was killed and Arthur taken to Avalon by Myrddin.

Without Arthur and Myrddin around Gwenhwyfar and Gwenhywfach were free to plot against each other and so it was that Gwenhwyfach gained the support of the Druid of Lugh and between them conspired to assassinate Gwenhywfar.

This was not the last time that the feud between Meghan and Rhi'ana would cause pain and misery.

Middle Ages Background

Unknown at this time

Victorian Background

See Lady Temperance Patience

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