Helen Barry

Victorian Name & Description

Helen Barry is 5' 2" tall with red hair and an Irish accent.

Known Abilities

She has faerie glamour.

Dark Age Background

Helen Barry was trapped in Albion when the 3rd Great Enchantment cut off her access back home. She was in Albion for the experience and as part of that seduced King Lot (as his wife) and gave birth to a son Mordred. She watched the Battle of Camlann from a distance and saw her son die.

Middle Ages Background

She has since been using her Glamour abilities to hide herself and take on a new identity every 25 years or so.

Victorian Background

Helen Barry was an Actress at the Royal Theatre in London and working in the play The Happy Land - ironically playing a faerie. The Theatre manager Christian Cooper was the Druid of Lugh who knew of her presence. When he dissappeared she saw how he was taken and when he came back he kidnapped her and used her as bait for Gawain.

She was subsequently rescued by the heroes and currently hiding out in a hotel.

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