Lady Anne Blunt

Victorian Name & Description

Lady Anne Blunt
Lady Anne Blunt is the daughter of Ada Lovelace. She is a practical looking woman with a no nonsense attitude.

Known Abilities

Lady Anne Blunt has a woad tattoo of a horse on the side of her neck which is usually hidden by her hair.

Dark Age Background

In the Dark Ages he was born Angharad ap Gwyntar and he was an acoloyte of Epona and lover of Rhi'ana. Both he and Rhi'ana were murdered by Meghan, the traitor Druid of Epona who fearing the Romans would kill her and all the other Druids made a bargain with the Romans to hand all the other Druids in the area in exchange for her life.

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Lady Anne Blunt is married to Lord Blunt and together they live at Crabbets Park near Crawley. They spend much time in Egypt where they arrange for the import of Arabian horses to their stud farm at Crabbets Park. She was spotted by Chistian Cooper ( the Druid of Lugh) some 3 years ago at the Theatre in London. Christian Cooper awakened her and she has been looking for Rhi'ana ever since.

Recently she turned up at the Ball in Buckingham Palace held by Queen Victoria. She was noted to be behaving oddly (having long term recall issues) and found to have green flecks in her awakened self. She sought an evening romance with George Smythington, however the end of the party she released 15 Gratske from an Aetherglass orb that ended up killing Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales. She is currently being held in the Tower of London awaiting questioning.

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