Lady Temperance Patience

Victorian Name & Description

Lady Temperance Patience
Temperance Patience is a patron of the arts and the founder of the Society of the Betterment of Mankind. She is in her mid thirties with shoulder length brunette hair in a bun.

Known Abilities


Dark Age Background

Lady Temperance Patience has been revealed to be Meghan / Gwenhyfahr in the past. See Gwenhwyfar

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Lady Patience was born the fourth child of Sir Malcolm Winslow and Lady Amelia Winslow. She was educated in a church school and had instilled in her a strong moralistic background.

She married Lord Victor Patience six years ago with a young daughter and is seen as a somewhat harmless eccentric in Victorian society. She is a true idealist who is passionate about bettering the conditions of the downtrodden in society. She holds meetings of the Society of the Betterment of Mankind every two weeks in the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London, and sends out a newsletter to those that cannot attend in person.

She is currently trying to get a project off the ground in the East End to provide good affordable housing for the poor. Recently an unknown assasin took a pot shot at her but missed.

She was apparently assasinated by a bomb outside her home in early March, but this has since been revealed that she did not actually die there but that she faked her own death.

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