Lydia Becker

Victorian Name & Description

Lydia Becker is an older woman in her forties with black stright hair who is dressed quite formally. She is a determined woman who has a passionate air about her.

Known Abilities


Dark Age Background

It was revealed in St Hilda's diaries that Lydia Becker was the first of the tattooed, namely Boudicca who was tattoed by the Druids after they created the first Great Enchantment to allow for the taking of a piece of the God into the person's soul as a link. Bouddicca successfully defeated the Romans for some time until they overwhelmed her and killed her.

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Lydia Becker is from Manchester and is a passionate campaigner for women's rights. She is perhaps more advanced than many of her associates who only want the vote for married women. Lydia is a believer that all adults should be allowed to vote and is seen as a radical even in the female emancipation movement. She has a published monthly magazine on the issue.

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