Maelgwyn's Awakening

He'd remembered much more since he'd left the monestary though things were still becoming clear to him now that he was hole again. The part of him that was Maelgwyn ap Cadwallon had needed to be identified with a greater power and had given generously to the church. He had even given up claim to the throne of Gwynedd to seek seclusion in a monestary even though he could feel in his heart that he needed more. The revealtion of his awakening showed him what that was, and he determined that he would get back the parts of his grandfather's realm and make it whole and strong again. He'd already eliminated his uncle Ewein Whitetooth years before, a sin that had ultimately led his unawakened self to seek forgiveness of the Chritian's God in the monestary. Many would remember his pre-awakened self and he was conscious that he would need to at least keep up the pretence of his Christian leanings for a while.

He missed Doualga, but the Druid never had a chance to perform the ritual on himself before the end. His spririt was now lost forever and would not return to help the fight against the invaders. Maelgwyn would have to find what allies he could amongst the other Celtic Gods and Goddesses. It would not be easy as there were already tensions between some of the players, and as of yet he had little to no idea who was currently incarnated and awakened.

He'd been a fool to leave the Kingdom so divided into petty holdings held by weak rulers. Such divisions only lead to conquering by outsiders just as the Romans had done years ago. Divide and conquor, picking off the weak tribes first and bargaining with the strongest until they had the might to take them on. The Celtic tribes needed uniting not separating if they were to repel the Saxons and the Angles. No one else had seen this except perhaps Artorious who had become a pawn of the Christian God and even he was gone now - a victim of Merddyn's meddlings perhaps.

He would need to find some of the others to help him take back the Kingdom from his uncle. An assassin was the first priority and he has one such in mind, though he'd also need to gather loyal men around him for the fight. He looked back at the young man struggling along behind his horse in chains. He still had many of his boyish features about him despite the fact that Maelgwyn knew the boy was in his mid twenties. Even the determined expression on the boy's face was kind of cute, but Maelgwyn pushed aside any such thoughts about his nephew. His unawaked self was currently submerged within him and did not approve of such things. This was an internal battle he'd have to have much later. Meanwhile the boy was far more useful alive and unharmed for now; at least until the remaining heirs of Cunudda were dealt with and their Kingdoms absorbed into the greater Gwynedd.

The bard continued to ride alongside him in silence. Maelgwyn still did not know if he could trust the bard to do his part once they got to the Palace at Deganwy, but the threat of violence was still in the air should he renege on his promise. The bard had witnessed the entire massacre at the roundhouse of the boy's drinking and whoring partners. They had been so drunk that Maelgwyn had easily dispatched them and captured the boy. The whores he had let go since it was not their fault that the boy had paid them good money to entertain him. Blood had been splattered all over the place and the had gladly fled the scene. The bard who had been quietly sitting in the corner strumming his madrigol did not seem to have participated in the orgy had eyed Maelgwyn nervouslyas he'd wiped his blade after the slaughter.

"Will you slay me too Maelgwyn?" The Bard had asked nervously.

"Nay I will not slay the innocent Bard. Besides I have need of one such as you to tell of the debauchery here. This whelp has a wife who deserves to know the truth of her husband's hunting parties. Will you accompany me and tell true of the events here?"

The Bard licked his lips before replying. "I will speak true of the events Sire, but I will not hide your actions."

"I do not expect you to lie Bard, for what use would I have for a teller of untruths. Gods justice has been served on the wicked and I was that instrument of that justice."

Maelgwyn omitted to tell the Bard that he was no longer a worshipper of the Jealous God although perhaps he could have done so. The bard's arm showed the parts of a woad tattoo, indicating that he too had been marked as a hero either recently or in the past. For now he needed the court to believe that he was still a true and pious worshipper of the Jealous God. In time he would sound out this Bard to find where his true allegiances lay, but not yet. Not until he had secured his return to power.

Deganwy lay ahead some 10 miles ahead still. Maelgwyn briefly considered letting the boy rest for a while, but decided against it. He was eager to get to his destiny and a little bit of exercise for the pamapered lad would not kill him. No - the executioners sword would do that.

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