Medraut (Mordred)

Victorian Name & Description

Not known at this time.

Known Abilities


Dark Age Background

Medraut was the son of King Lot of Gododdin who was married to Arthur's half sister Anna Morguese. Medraut as a nephew to Arthur was sent down to train as his squire. Whilst there he fell deeply in love with Gwenhwyfar's sister Gwenhwyfach and married her just at the time that the sister's began to squabble.

Mordred was turning into a skilled warrior and after defended Gwenhwyfach's honour in front of Arthur when she had slapped Gwenhwyfar, he decided that it would be safer for Gwenhwyfach is she was to head back to his father's Kingdom with him where he began amassing his warband.

The inevitable battle occured at Camlan where Mordred was killed and Arthur mortally wounded.

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background


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