Minor Characters

The following page contains a brief description of a number of Minor characters encountered in Alphabetical order:-

Name Description
Novice Alan Wigley Archdeacon Abbott's private secretary
Edgar Inchcliffe Worker at the Burley Wood Aether Factory possessed by a Heskra
Ethel Trelawney Landlady of Albert Walker
Felix Campion Senior Engineer at the Burley Wood Aether Factory
Francis Brett Bishop of Chichester
Frederick Rocastle Chief Engineer of GWR and friend to Professor Havelock. Nearly killed by a Dream Ghost but saved by George Smythington.
Kenneth Huddlestone Lady Patience's coachman
Nigel Bentham Worker at the Burley Wood Aether Factory who died in an accident there.
Mother Superior Helen Lockheart Nun who runs a hospice for addicts in Bethnell Green
William Morris Son of Harvey Morris who worked at the disposal pits for South Eastern Railway. Possessed by a Grataske but saved by Archdeacon Abbott doing an Exorcism.
Jebediah Havelock Brother of the late Sir Reginald Havelock. Austere and proper bible thumper.
Benedict Cauldfield Head of security at Buckingham Palace.
Eldon Tyler Young man from Aston university who invented aether wings for a horse.
Markkus Weirgeld Middle aged man from Heidelburg University who invented the Aether Pressure monitor.
Clarence Prenderghast Man from Durham university who invented the Aether Gas mask. Some of the prototypes were stolen recently and Clarence was concerned that someone was stealing his invention.
John Wesley Reed Older Professor from Cambridge who invented the Aetheric Organ
Clinton Longstaff Sir Reginald and Annie's lawyer.
Prince Leopold Youngest of Victoria's male children - patron of the arts.
Princess Beatrice Youngest daughter of Victoria aged 15
Prince Arthur 7th child of Victoria's Colonel in the Royal Engineers.
Captain Wilfred Tucker Captain in the Royal Engineers. Friend of Prince Arthur's.
Ezra McTavish Mad and fiesty Scottish poet
Vice Admiral Harland Ritziger Retired Admiral. Demonstrated Annie's Aetheric Communication Device.
Lily Langtry Actress having an affair with the now dead Prince Edward.
Sir Derek Strand Owner of AetherGlass.
Sir Robert Lions Owner of Lionsgate Glass.
Lord Hubert Whyte Reclusive owner of Whyte's Glass - rarely seen in Public.
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