Myrddin (Merlin)

Victorian Name & Description

Myrddin claims currently to be called Mervyn Reed and be the Godfather to Lady Patience. He is an oldish man (in his 60's) with white hair and a beard and moustache. He is smartly dressed with a walking cane.

Known Abilities

Druid, Awakened

Dark Age Background

Myrddin claims that he took Arthur to Avalon after the battle of Camlann and that some time after the third great enchantment was cast, he was put under a spell by Nimwae that put him into an enchanted sleep from which he has only recently woken up from.

Myrddin converted from the worship of xxxx to the worship of the Jealous God and took the young Arthur under his wing and trained him. He took Arthur to see the Naiad Nimwae who saw his future and granted him Excalibur.

After the disastrous Battle of Camlann where Arthur was mortally wounded, Myrddin realised that the only hope to save Arthur was to take him to Avalon and plead with King Oberon to help save him.

After he returned the remains of Arthur's court and Merlin became embroiled in a bitter magical and physical fight with Druids and Mordred's sons. This resulted in the weakening of the natural protective layer of Albion against the creatures from the Otherworld who began invading and taking over men. Seeing the disaster that this was causing Myrddin arranged a truce with the Druids and got them to agree to the casting of the third Great Enchantment of Albion.

Myrddin fell in love with Nimwae and he promised to teach her all of his magics. However, fearful to teach her the most powerful of magics he held back in teaching her everything. When she learnt of this, Nimwae was angered and tricked Myrddin into taking a potion that sent him to an enchanted sleep that he only awoke from in the last few years. Shortly afterwards Nimwae gave birth to a daughter and secretly hid her amongst the realm of men.

Middle Ages Background

None - Myrddin was asleep at this time.

Victorian Background

He claims to be a trader in spices who hails from Newport in Wales. Myrddin has gone to Avalon to find and bring back Arthur to this world.

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