St Hilda

St Hilda

Victorian Name & Description

St Hilda is currently a woman by the name of Penelope Windthorpe. She is in her early 30's with bunched up brown hair and primly dressed. She has a very matter of fact attitude.

Known Abilities

She is tattoed by the Jealous God and has an ability to turn things to stone.

Dark Age Background


Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Lady Penelope Windthorpe is currently in charge of a special unit within the Ministry of War that is charged with the investigation of the supernatural. She is primarily concerned with the affairs of the Awakened and tracking them down to ensure that they are focussed on helping the Queen and Empire.

She co-opted the heroes into retrieving the Cross of St David (a powerful healing artefact) to help her save the life of Captain Rupert Edgington.

She then later blamed Lieutenant Day for kidnapping Bran, taking the Cross and her notes. However it has since been revealed that the real culpret was Bran himself.

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