The game will use a slightly modified version of the Ghosts of Albion rules (currently only available in PDF but due to be released in Hardback this Autumn). This is essentially very similar to Cinematic Unisystem used in the Buffy and Angel rules. The modifications to that ruleset will be noted here and they relate to the differences in Technology and potentially later on to the magic available in game.

The character sheet for the game can be downloaded here.

General Notes

Starting characters will have no access to any magic and will be based on the Apprentice level characters given in the Ghosts of Albion rulebook.

No one will need to take the Age advantage that is specified in the Angel Corerulebook as this has been built into the design for experience. Characters will be the reincarnating souls of the heroes of the Dark Ages and will eventually have all that experience to draw upon. At game start though they will not have awoken their power and knowledge of the past and although they will feel that there is more too themselves they will not yet be able to access it.

Starting characters will have:

Attribute Points 15
Quality Points 13
Drawback Points up to 10
Skill Points 20
Drama Points 20

Characters will not get normal experience points during the game. They will be given bonus drama points as normal as detailed in the rulebook. After a character awakens they will receive the following additional points to spend.

Attribute Points +5
Quality Points +7
Drawback Points up to 15
Skill Points +10
Drama Points 0

If further drawbacks are taken at this point then the additional points can be spent on additional Qualities or Skills. The points may also be used to buy additional drama points at a rate of 1 drama point per drawback point. Awakened characters can have magical skills but if they do they will be a druid character or a fairie character [Note I don't want too many druids or faeries in the party]. All characters should have a primary ability that is tied to their Woad Tattoo. This ability can be a special ability that is not covered in the rulebook - subject to confirmation with the GM.

Aether Steam Power Technology

There is an additional skill known as Aether Steam Tech that will allow the character to deal with any technology related to the Aether. It is a separate skill to both Engineering and Science. Players can use Science and Engineering depending on the task to try and deal with Aether Steam tech, but they will be at a penalty of -4 on any roll.


There is magic in the system that is related to the Druids, although at the start of the game before the characters awaken none of the characters will have any magical skill. Magic is very ritualistic and involves sacrifices to the God that the Druid worships. Magic has not worked for over a thousand years and at the start of the campaign it does not work.

If a character wishes to have magic then they will either have had to be a Druid or a half Faerie character (Faerie-Touched is the Quality). They will need to add the additional skill Ritual Magic and the Quality Magic when they awaken.

Note that the Magic subtypes in the Ghosts of Albion rules do not apply in this campaign. All magic used in the campaign is either Druidic, Faerie magic or potentially NPC stuff. In addition magic rolls will be Willpower + Ritual Magic + Magic Quality rather than the Willpower + Occultism + Magic Quality stated in the GoA rulebook. Occultism will be used for knowledge rolls about the occult and looking things up in books.

Woad Tattooes

All the characters will have a woad tattoo marking somewhere on their body. It can be anywhere and will be a blue-ish hue to the skin in a defined shape. This tattoo is related to a special innate ability that the character was given by their druid when they were marked as Heroes that would return in life. The ability will be related to the God or Goddess that the Druid (and usually the character) worships. I want all the characters to have unique and interesting abilities that are not too powerful. Since these are essentially a free additional ability that make players special I don't want any power playing going on here with their design. Players may try and unconsciously use these abilities before they awaken, however they will be less effective and harder to activate until the character awakens.

Skills List

Skill Skill
Aether Steam Tech Knowledge
Armed Mayhem Languages
Art Marksmanship
Athletics Notice
Crime Occultism
Drive / Ride Physician
Engineering Ritual Magic [Not available at Game Start]
Fisticuffs Science
Influence Wild Card

Qualities List

The qualities and disadvantages are all listed in the Ghosts of Albion rulebook. There are a number that are not available to starting characters and the list of those that are available is given below.

Quality Cost Disadvantage Cost
Acute Sense 2 points Addiction -1 to -6 points
Artist 2 points Adversary -1 to -5 points
Athletic 4 points (Un) Attractiveness -1 point / level
Attractiveness 1 point / level Archaic -1 to -3 points
Bookish 4 points Bad Luck -1 point / level
Charisma 1 point / level (No) Charisma -1 point / level
Club Member 1 or 3 point Covetous -1 to -3 points
Contacts 1 point / level Dependent -1 to -3 points
Criminal / Dodger 2 or 3 points Emotional Problem Variable
Daredevil 4 points Fool -1 point
Explorer 3 points Haunted -1 to -2 points
Fast Reaction Time 2 points Honourable -1 to -3 points
Faerie-Touched 7 points Humourless -1 point
Good Luck 1 point / level Impaired Senses -2 points
Hard to Kill 1 point / level Life Experiences Variable
Life Experiences Varies Mental Problem -1 to -3 points
Magic 5 point / level Minority -1 or -2 points
Magical Philosophy 4 points Naiive -2 points
Natural Toughness 2 points Obligation -1 to -3 points
Nerves of Steel 3 points Physical Disability (Blind) -8
Occult Library 1,2,3 or 5 points Physical Disability (Missing Arm / Hand) -2 or -3 points
Occult Poet 5 points Physical Disability (Missing Foot / Leg) -3 or -4 points
Peeler 5 points Recurring Nightmares -1 point
Peeler-Detective 8 points Reknown / Reputation -1 to -4 points
Pugilist 3 points Resources -2 per level
Quick Refelexes 1 point Rival -1 to -3 points
Reknown / Reputation 1-5 points Secret -1 to -3 points
Resistance 1 point / level Status -1 to -4 points
Resources 2 points / level Talentless -2 points
Situational Awareness 2 points Tradition Bound -1 point
Soldier 3 points
Soldier - Officer 6 points
Status 1-11 points
Worldly / Well Educated 1 point / level


At the end of the session I will award experience points in the following way.

1 Point for managing to stay in character during the session. (-1 will be awarded for continual asking "What ifs" (don't ask ….. do it and see) and / or being out of character)
1 Point will be awarded for a character attaining one of their major goals
1 Point will be awarded for a successful session for the characters
1 Point will be awarded for introducing an interesting character related plot twist

Drama Points

These will be awarded and spent as per the rulebook.

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