In Celtic times there was great signifigance made on Triads which were often composed by Bards. Three was a very mystical number and if things happened then they occured in threes. Characters will know some of these Triads as they would have been taught them in the Dark Ages. Druid and Bardic characters would have had to memorise them and would know them all. If a significant plot driven Triad becomes important that I haven't already written down then I will inform the appropriate characters of the Traid before the session.

There is a list of Celtic behavioural triads here that may help people get in the mindset of what the people of the time thought was good and bad.

There are a large number of Triads composed and some of them are listed below:-

The Three Great Enchantments of Albion

The first to imbue the gave the power to place the symbol of the Gods on a hero to enhance their power was agreed by the Druid enclave to ensure that Boudicca had the strength to defeat the Roman invaders.

The second was performed by the Magician King of Gwynned Math, son of Mathonwy who created the woman Bloddeuwedd out of flowers with the help of his nephew Gwydion.

The third to protect the world from invaders was organised by Merrdyn who persuaded the Druids to act togther to cast a great shield that would protect Albion from the beings from beyond.

The Three Fortunate Concealments of Albion

The first Fortunate Concealment was that the head of Bran the Blessed, son of Llyr, which was conceiled in the White Hill in London, with its face towards France. And as long as it was in the position in which it was put there, no Saxon Oppression would ever come to this Island;

The second Fortunate Concealment: the Dragons in Dinas Emrys, which Llud son of Beli concealed;

And the third: the Bones of Gwerthefyr the Blessed, in the Chief Ports of this Island. And as long as they remained in that concealment, no Saxon Oppression would ever come to this Island.

The Three Unfortunate Disclosures

Gwrtheyrn the Thin disclosed the bones of Gwerthefyr the Blessed for the love of a woman: that was Ronnwen the pagan woman;

And it was he who disclosed the Dragons;

And Arthur disclosed the head of Bran the Blessed from the White Hill, because it did not seem right to him that this Island should be defended by the strength of anyone, but by his own.

The Three Things Hard to Obtain

Cold Fire

Dry Water

Lawful Covetousness

Three teachers of Human Kind

One is event, that is from seeing and hearing;

The second is intelligence, and that comes from reflection and meditation;

and the third is genius, individual, a gift from the Mighty Ones

The Three Places that Man Should not go to

The first is the Circle of Gwynfyd which is the place where souls go to rest when it is their time to move on;

The second is the Well of Knowledge that contains things that man should not see before it is their time

The third is the Cantre'r Gwaelod who dead should be left to remain in peace after the folly of their Prince.

The Three Traitors to the Mighty Ones

The first was Meghan the Druidess of Epona, for she betrayed many druids of Albion to the blades of the Roman invaders;

The second is Myrddyn who betrayed the Mighty One he worshipped and began to worship the Jealous God;

The third is Beddwyr who slew the Druid of Lugh, Cilian Ap Gwytawe out of jealousy an lust for his wife, and then tried to redeem himself by joining with the Jealous God.

Three Atrocious Assassinations of the Island of Albion

Eidyn son of Einygan, who slew Aneiryn Gwawdrud, the supreme of bards;

Llawgat Trumbargawt, who slew Afaon son of Taliessin;

Llovan Llawdino, who slew Urien son of Kynvarch

The Three Battle-Diademed Men of the Island of Albion

Drystan ap Tallwch,

Hueil ap Caw,

and Cai ap Cenyr of the Fine Beard.

And one was diademed above the Three of them: that was Bedwyr ap Bedrawc.

The Three Harmful Blows of the Island of Albion

The first of them Matholwch the Irishman struck upon Branwen daughter of Llyr;

The second Gwenhwyfach struck upon Gwenhwyfar: and for that cause there took place afterwards the Action of the Battle of Camlan;

And the third Golydan the Poet struck upon Cadwaladr the Blessed

Three Futile Battles of the Island of Albion

One of them was the Battle of Goddeu: it was brought about by the cause of the bitch, together with the roebuck and the plover;

The second was the Action of Arfderydd, which was brought by the cause of the lark's nest;

And the third was the worst: that was Camlan, which was brought about because of a quarrel between Gwenhwyfar and Gwennhwyfach.

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