Urien Of Rheged


Victorian Name & Description

The details of Urien's last name (and whether he has been reborn) are not known at this time.

Known Abilities

He has the tattoo of a mountain, but the abilities he has are unknown.

Dark Age Background

Urien was a great King in the north during the late 6th Centuary and he fought against the invading Angles.
Urien joined with other northern kings, Rhydderch Hael "the Generous" of Strathclyde and two other descendants of Coel, Gwallog mab Llaenog and Morgant Bwlch. They defeated the Angles and besieged them on Lindisfarne but, according to the Historia Brittonum, Urien was assassinated at the command of Morgant Bwlch who was jealous of his power. Taliesin was a court poet during this time.

Middle Ages Background


Victorian Background

Urien was claimed to be excised by Opus Dei about three months ago. The procedure was partially successfully and the man who Urien was linked to is now in an Asylum.

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